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Cloer grants registered private users a limited first-owner warranty. The prerequisite for acquiring the guarantee is that the device was purchased in Germany and the serial number of the product was registered by a private user in the regular customer portal at In addition, a photocopy of the purchase receipt with the purchase date and dealer proof must be submitted when registering the product and the registration must take place no later than 6 months after the purchase date. Only the first private owner is entitled to the guarantee and therefore expires if the vehicle is resold at a later date.
The warranty period is 2 years and begins on the date the product was first purchased by a user. The warranty period will not be extended, restarted or otherwise affected by repairs or replacement of the product. With careful treatment and compliance with the operating instructions and the safety instructions, we undertake to repair the device free of charge if there are material or manufacturing defects. The repair is carried out by repairing or replacing the defective components. Replaced parts become the property of Cloer. A refund of the purchase price is excluded. Further claims of any kind, in particular claims for damages for consequential damage from this guarantee, are excluded.
Excluded from the guarantee are damages that are due to improper use, natural wear and tear, external influences (e.g. transport damage, knocks, blows, heat effects, acids, etc.), lack of decalcification* or unsuitable accessories. The warranty is void if the device has been used commercially, opened without authorization, modified or an unauthorized repair attempt has been made. There is also no guarantee for consumables and wearing parts.

In order to claim warranty services, registered customers must first contact our factory customer service by phone or email or start a repair request in the online portal. Please do not send any devices unsolicited. In particular, packages must never be sent in freight collect. These will not be delivered by the parcel services, but will be returned to you at your expense. So talk to us first. We will tell you how to send your device to us. Contact:
Cloer Factory Customer ServiceTel.: +49 2932.6297-660Mail:
This guarantee does not affect any rights that customers have under the applicable national laws regarding the sale of goods (warranty). These can only be asserted against your dealer (seller).
* Kettle / coffee maker / tea maker